Our mission is to make the communities aware of Health as not only taking care of daily sickness which comes and goes but also to make aware of that daily living in the form of the physical, and the mental well-being for lasting endurance while we live in this earth. Covid-19 showed us health is not an individual issue but it is a community issue. So, our mission will direct to Well-being of communities by bringing all the stake holders in health sector stretching from variety of medical practices since ancient time to modern days using modern technologies. Thus, keep our communities informed on healthy living habits, healthy foods, healthy food accessibility, affordable health care and all aspects of health-related issues in a way to promote selfcare in health.


Our vision, the health is the greatest wealth. No matter how much money we earn or how wealthy we are, if we have poor health and we are mentally unstable, we cannot do anything with the money. Money alone would not give us all the happiness but whole physical and mental health would make clear awareness of our body and mind. Thus, our vison is to promote balance life style in ever busy and rapidly evolving world.  keeping mind that each of us is well responsible for our own health as well as our communities’ health