Avocado Pie and Bread crumbs

Food is taking its journey on your journey in your body: Healthy Living

By Padma Edirisinghe

“Food is Fuel not a Therapy”

I am the food talking. I am walking on the stomach of the people. Yet, people are not fully aware of my capabilities including my destructive nature as well as relaxing nature in their bodies. Prior to that I was walking on the stomach of the people, I passed by many rivers, valleys, mountains, Seas, farms, sometimes in your yard with inhaling fresh breath in the air, Enjoying the soft breeze, and cuddling with various micro creatures and micro organisms. Then, my presence was in supermarkets, farmer’s markets, small business owners’ carts and etc. Mostly I was consumed because people were hungry, then craving for me, then creative and curious about me, people simply falling love with my mouthwatering nature. Then, I was named in many different ways: Fresh food, Frozen food, Process food, Fatty food, Healthy food, Mind Diet, Body Diet and etc. Suddenly, world pay more attention to me with the blessing of Covid-19. Especially, world pay more attention to my soothing nature: healthy side of me which promote immune system in your body as well as your moods.

Now I am going to keep aside talking about me for a moment because it is all about you when you consume me daily, it is all about journey of your health with my journey in your body. It says prevention is better than cure: So, here now I introduce Happiness Eating in Sasarahealth.com to talk about my influence on your body.

We the sasarahealth.com focus to bring you varieties of healthy food resources to you including facts-based research on Food itself: We will try to answer following questions:
1. How we describe healthy food in terms of Mind food and Body food or healthy mind in healthy body?
2. Is there separation between Mind food and Body food?
3. How humans’ sensory system elevate craving for Healthy food?
4. How all walks of people would be able to access healthy food regardless of their social and economic statues?
5. How Healthy food impact on your life and the society as whole?
6. In short, we will discuss entire journey of the food in your body and mind.

This is what research say about food, healthy side:
“Although food has classically been perceived as a means to provide energy and building material to the body, its ability to prevent and protect against diseases is starting to be recognized. In particular, research over the past 5 years has provided exciting evidence for the influence of dietary factors on specific molecular systems and mechanisms that maintain mental function.”
Source: NCBI

Falling love with taking care of your Mind. Thus, Your Body follows the Mind. For that, eat good and feel good.