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Why Healthy living matters on revitalizing economy after Covid-19

By Padma Edirisinghe
“The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness”  -Arthur Schopenhaue

We know that we are going to die someday yet we are not prepared to accept the realities of life and death. Then here comes Covid-19…. and teaches us to get ready to say goodbye in any given moment and then it enlightens us to accept the truth about life itself.
Now, the question is how do we live in between birth and death. It is probably your choice. So, what drives you to make your choice? Ego, selflessness, kindness, empathy, generosity? Or selfishness, greed, power grab, violence and etc.: any positive or negative nature within you? Or economic and social conditions which brace you to live in without any other choice?
Regardless of your choice, your health is a very important thing to take care of in between birth and death. So, taking care of his/her health becomes a burden to many people here in the United States and around the world. Especially rising health care costs and uncertainty of cures for any cost. Yet, we realized that in front of death, there is no perfect cure except to increase the life expectancy for a period by discovering a new drug. Now the question is, how people can access new drugs and what is the validity of new drugs.
We know that for centuries upon centuries people have lived on this earth before modern medicine even existed. They discovered their own medicine without laboratory testing yet observing the reaction of fauna and flora in the thick forest, passing that knowledge to the next generation through either with ancient scripts or by memorizing it word by word. They were living in nature, absorbing its surrounding beauty and caring for it with utmost attention. Most of all, this process continues in centuries with selflessness and having pure intention of progress and survival of humanity.
So, now we have modern technology which enables us to see microbiology in the very smallest of small atoms which we discovered in our body and its surroundings so far.  Now the question is, how to combine this speck of knowledge we know about our body through new technology and ancient knowledge of medicine which last for centuries.
According to the many ancient beliefs, Sasara else life is not linear but it is circular, perhaps in the same points in the same circle. It not only consists of the body alone but also it has a mental feature too which is not tangible and also cannot be detected by microbiology. Again, a question arises, how to cure a mental disease which cannot be detected by modern technology? Or else how to define a mental disease itself?
As I said before, COVID-19 brings us the opportunity to realize the truth about life and it elevates the optimism within the ecosystem on earth. Thus, to restructure our health care system in a constructive manner and promote healthy living to prevent major catastrophic pandemic about to surface in the earth in the future. This needs the collaboration of all the parties who are concerned about health and health issues regardless if it is modern or ancient. Revitalizing the economy by uplifting the health of humans is the essence of humanity!